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Mawaheb incubates and invests in internet and technology companies globally.

We provide deep operational support to entrepreneurs and help them build market-leading companies.

Our Values

Our strong values connect and
drive us forward every day

We always aim higher

Our aims has no limit, We are open minded to be the next unicorn

We are Heroes because we care

We care about each and every detail in our products

We deliver solutions

Every product that we invest in, It deliver a solution for market gap

Application Management

Manage your team's success: Release quality code across projects every time

An Application is a synthetic project composed of projects that ship together; if one isn't ready to ship, none of them are. Mawaheb Developer Edition provides you with:

  • Aggregate quality gate
  • One place to know if your project set is shippable
  • Easily visualize the pieces of the projects that work together

Try Developer Edition for free for 14 days!

Start working with Mawaheb that can provide everything you need to generate awareness, drive traffic, connect.

Clean And Modern Code

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What we do

Guided developer experience

Issue visualizer to track untrusted user input throughout the execution flow.


We leverage proprietary processes to build market-leading companies from scratch. Find out more about our portfolio of companies.


We partner with daring entrepreneurs to build market-leading companies. Learn more about our investment division, Global Founders Capital.


Our extensive operational support team accelerates the growth of ventures we partner with. Become part of a dynamic and innovative scaling process.


We co-found and accelerate early stage businesses and startups in the field of mobile.

We generate growth through active involvement and look for strategic investors.

  • Flexible
  • Integrable
  • Reliable
  • Extensible

About Mawaheb

We created Mawaheb in 2021 because we strongly believed there was a better way to build tech companies.

Our vision then and now is to refine a model that enables us to co-found successive companies on a single platform that gets smarter with each success and failure, We believe in launching early and iterating fast, knowing that failing is just part of the process on the road to success.

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